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[wtp-dev] JSDT & Extension features (refactoring, search)

Hi guys,

I would like to know if JSDT has the intention to provide some extension to override features and delegate features to an other component (ternjs, typescript, etc) like search, or refactor.

In my case I would like to use for instance rename of tern.js (with and rename of TypeScript ( inside Eclipse. My question is:

 * implement my own refactor action?
 * use JSDT refactor action and override it (if in the future it will be supported).

There are several problems by using JSDT or search feature:

 * the project must have JSDT nature (otherwise Refactor menu item doesn't appear, search with Ctrl+Shift+G cannot be executed). In the case of and I don't need to have the JSDT nature.

 * refactor, search works with an IJavaScriptUnit although in my case, I don't need that. I want just offset to consume TypeScript service language or ternjs, and that's all. 

See problem with with search with Ctrl+Shift+G:

Please tell me if you think that JSDT coudl provide some extensionb. Otherwise I will implement search and refactor from scratch.

Many thanks

Regard's Angelo

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