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[wtp-dev] Question on XML Validation and oracle xsds

Hi All:

So after running into validation issues for our users' xml files using our schema for week after week, I finally decided to dig in a little and see how the JEE distribution handles validation of schema without so many upstream dependencies. It's clear that if a parent or referenced schema is invalid, the user will experience obscure validation errors when developing their own webapps etc.

With that in mind I opened

The usecase is that I simply took oracle's javaee_web_services_client_1_2.xsd from and tried to put it in a dynamic web project and let the validator work its magic.

I wouldn't be posting here if it succeeded ;)

The questions are basically:

1) Why are oracle's xsd's failing to validate? Are they really all invalid?

   2) Why has nobody in the world asked Oracle to fix them?

3) How do we/you, as consumers / extenders of wtp, prevent errors in oracle's (or other upstream) xsd's from cascading down to our respective jee / appserver-specific schema when our schema import, extend, or reference upstream failing xsds?

4) Is this an error in source-editing plugins for not mapping directly to the most commonly used jee namespaces? Would that even fix the issue? (It didn't when I tried it but maybe I was doing it wrong).

5) If oracle won't fix their incomplete xsd's, is it reasonable for source-editing to do it, to make sure each and every one validate correctly, and that, by extension, all other schema that reference, import, or otherwise make use of oracles' schema won't be hit by a series of cascading validation errors?

I suppose it's possible our product is simply "doing it wrong", but the fact that simply placing an official javaee oracle xsd into a clean JEE Mars eclipse environment fails validation is indicative to me that something bigger is going on here.

- Rob Stryker
JBoss Tools And Other Cool Stuff

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