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Re: [wtp-dev] Question about the planned JavaScript Debugger.

On 01/15/2016 10:23 AM, Gorkem Ercan wrote:
On 15 Jan 2016, at 10:11, Angelo zerr wrote:

Hi everybody,

You can also use ,
which is the same content, also wiped out between build.

Many thanks Mickael. I have tried it and IMHO I think the JSDT debugger
must be very simple without configuring something for node
application. Webclipse
for instance provides a very simple use of debugger (none offense with JSDT
work, I give you just some user feedback). With Webclipse you can do :

* create a simple test.js and do Run as... and it run it as node
application. JSDT debugger doesn't provide that.
* create a simple test.js and do Debug as... and it run in debug mode a
node application. JSDT debugger doesn't provide that (just Rhino JavaScript
is available).

Correct. JSDT is missing the convenient launch configurations. They are planned for M7

Exactly. And just for clarification. We just moved the original chrome dev tools to JSDT with some essential changes like renamed package name spaces. There is still a lot of work to make this debugger useful for JSDT users. Some of these tasks are already in the JSDT plan (see the Gorkem's link above) but we are going to create a bunch of new specific bugzillas (I hope it will happen next week) and add the most important of them to the plan. Our goal is to integrate the debugger with JSDT editor and JS projects, introduce launch configurations for nodejs and web applications, support the latest versions of WIP protocols, fix bugs, etc. I hope when we create all bugzillas for taks/issues that we are already aware of then it will be much more easy for everybody to see what we are missing and what else we have to do.

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