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[wtp-dev] Question about the planned JavaScript Debugger.

Hi all,

I have several questions about your _javascript_ Debugger:

 * can we play with it? where can we find it?
 * is it able to debug node application?

I'm very interested with this _javascript_ Debugger (if it can support debug of node application) to : 

 * add a tern debugger to debug tern plugin inside Today it's possible to debug tern plugins with MyEclipse _javascript_ Debugger & Nodeclipse _javascript_ Debugger. I would liek to support your debugger too.
 * try to debug AngularJS Protractor tests with your debugger (I have more and more people who wish run/debug protractor tests). I have played with MyEclipse _javascript_ Debugger and I can debug protractor but conf is a little complex. I would like to give you ideas to easy the conf of protractor.

Many thanks for your answer.

Have a nice WE

Regard's Angelo

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