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Re: [wtp-dev] JSDT meeting agenda 20151103


For communicating to LanguageService (or tsserver) I have pushed a
project to github who has a Java-API that allows to access the
LanguageService from Java [1].

Most of the Java code is generated from the DSL-File located at [2].

Please note that in contrast to Tern who IIRC works synchronously for
all calls tsserver is sending events in an async fashion as well (see
the last 2 entries in the tsspec-File).

Note that all this stuff is fairly new (I have just implemented it and
tested a few functions) and I only run it on my OS-X System.

The work done is closely connected to the Smart Code Editor framework
I'm currently working on [3,4] although my personal focus is on JavaFX
most of the services can by applied no matter what UI-Toolkit (SWT,
JavaFX,...) and Environment (OSGi, Plain Java, Jigsaw).



On 03.11.15 21:19, Gorkem Ercan wrote:
> Updated the agenda with minutes.
> On 3 Nov 2015, at 10:30, Gorkem Ercan wrote:
>> Meeting agenda for today's JSDT call is up. As usual, please feel free
>> to add items.
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