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Re: [wtp-dev] JSDT meeting agenda 20151103

Hi Gorkem,

Here some information I would like to tell you:

 * _javascript_ Debugger. It should be very cool if someone could implement a debuger for to debug ternjs like Webclipse and Nodeclipse have done This feature is soon finished and it gives you the capability to debug ternjs en your custom tern plugin with Eclipse IDE. You select the debugger you wish with a NodeJS preferences, you set a breakpoint in the tern.js file (ex: where completion is executed). You open a JS editor and you do Ctrl+Space and debugger stops to the breakpoint. So now it's very easy to debug ternjs with Eclipse IDE.

 * TypeScript Langage Service. I have studied that at first by playing with :


And I find there are a big problem with performance: my Eclipse freezes soon.

To be honnest with you, I don't understand what you mean with "Can be used as an alternate to tern.js". TypeScript needs to declare variable with type (ex: var p: Person) although _javascript_ needs not that and ternjs is able to guess the type. In my side, I have started to study how we could support Angular2 which is based on TypeScript and I have several ideas to support TypeScript with

 * TypeScript  provides a tsserver which uses TypeScript Language Service. It works with "readline" and not with "http" ( works only with "http"). My first idea is to use TypeScript Language Service inside by customizing JSON request/response of tsserver to adapt it for ternjs. See project What is the benefit with existing Eclipse TypeScript plugins: the async completion of which avoid freezing Eclipse.

 * my second idea (my prefered idea, but which is hard) is to implement an acorn plugin for TypeScript like have done for JSX. I have started at . Today I can support declaration type like (var a: Person). The benefit with that is that we will able to use tern plugins features to customize completion for Angular2.

Regard's Angelo

2015-11-03 21:19 GMT+01:00 Gorkem Ercan <gorkem.ercan@xxxxxxxxx>:

Updated the agenda with minutes.

On 3 Nov 2015, at 10:30, Gorkem Ercan wrote:

Meeting agenda for today's JSDT call is up. As usual, please feel free to add items.
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