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Re: [wtp-dev] JSDT weekly 20151006

Hi everybody,

Thanks Gorkem for your note. I'm rally happy that you have intention to improve JSDT. JSDT is very in late compare to Visual Studio Code or WebStorm, and I'm glad that people like you wish to improve JSDT.

I would like to know if some other topic are in scope of JSDT like:

 * ES6 support. supports ES6 for completion, validation, hyperlink, hover, outline but NOT for :
   - syntax coloration
   - validation (it seems Victor has worked to disable validation, so it will work for
 * TypeScript support. I think it's very important to support TypeScript since Angular2 is based on. I'm studying in my side how to use TypeScript LanguageService with tern.

Here a complete list of features that needs:

 1° ES6 support

I have integrated tern-es6 which gives support for completion, hyperlink for ECMAScript 6 You can read in this page, that JSDT must be improved to support full features of ES6. I have created 2 bugs:

  * Syntax coloration for ES6. See

2° Delegate _javascript_ features to other components liek tern

Tern improve JSDT because it is able to discover the well type. So with this feature we can have powerful completion, etc, but too other features like Outline, etc It should be very cool if JSDT could delegate feautres like:

 * Override the Outline View with Tern Outline
 * Override the creating of JSDoc comments (after //* + Enter)

Many thank's for your work!

Regard's Angelo

2015-10-06 20:19 GMT+02:00 Gorkem Ercan <gorkem.ercan@xxxxxxxxx>:

My notes from today's meeting are now online, please feel free to add yours.

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