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Re: [wtp-dev] Requesting community feedback for changes to the New Server Wizard

I love seeing improvement in this area and workflow like the one described would be a big usability improvement. Having said that, I am concerned that there isn’t sufficient time left in Mars.1 development cycle for adopters to fully test, provide feedback and get bug fixes. I’d rather see this iterated on in the Neon release.


My feedback and questions:


1. The wiki only mentions the New Server wizard. Is it safe to assume that similar changes would be made to the New Runtime wizard?


2. Install feasibility validation should not be performed on selection of item in the tree. No expensive operation should be performed on this event as users have a habit of clicking around while exploring. A better approach would be to always enable the Next button and only validate when user elects to move forward. Wizard progress bar should be used while validation is in progress. If successful, the user gets the license screen. If not successful, the user gets a page with failure details. The current approach of directing user to the Error Log is not a good practice. The Error Log should not be used for communicating expected failures.


3. When is the list of downloadable adapters initially fetched and is there visible feedback that fetch is in progress?


4. Is there feedback when downloadable adapters list could not be downloaded? We need to ensure that we avoid user confusion when they don’t see their server listed due to network issues.


5. What exactly is cached? These details are needed to help evaluate the likelihood that the cached data will be stale when a new version of an existing adapter is released.


6. Is there a policy for updating cached data without having the user click on the refresh button? I would recommend triggering a refresh job when server tools is initially activated as well as after certain number of days have expired in case the user keeps Eclipse open for a long time.


7. The installation seems to use a separate progress dialog box. It would be best to use the built-in progress bar of the wizard.


8. There is a terminology mismatch caused by mixing feature names and server names in the same tree. Whereas all entries should be a server type, some are “X Server Adapter” or “X Tools”. This could be solved by adding metadata to the adapter repo so that it advertises the list of supported server types.


9. Many of the downloadable adapters support multiple server versions. This leads to the contents of the tree changing after the install is completed. Ideally, only downloadable indicator icon would change. This can be solved with additional metadata like #8.


10. How is vendor/category determined for downloadable adapters?


11. Ideally, the user should be able to resume where they left off in the wizard after the download completes and Eclipse restarts. Upon the restart, the wizard should restart with the desired server type pre-selected and page advanced to the next page, as if the download didn’t need to happen. This requires #9 in order to know which server type/version the user intended to create.


12. What happens to the “New Server”/”New Runtime” wizard if the user chooses not to restart?


13. Why is there a hyperlink on “Show additional server adapters”?


14. The “Show additional server adapters” checkbox and the refresh button take up valuable prime real estate in the wizard, yet most users should not have a cause to interact with these controls. I suggest moving these to preferences.


Thanks for your consideration of this feedback.


- Konstantin



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Subject: [wtp-dev] Requesting community feedback for changes to the New Server Wizard


There is a new feature for the New Server Wizard that would be great to have in Mars SR1. This feature would allow downloadable server adapters to appear in the same tree viewer as the installed server adapters. Since this feature affects the existing New Server Wizard, it would be great to have feedback from the community. Please take a look at the following wiki for the new flow:

If this feature is supported by the community, I will try and have this committed by Wednesday August 26, 2015.

Thank you,

Steven Hung

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