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[wtp-dev] Project plan for the Neon Release..

Hello WTP Project Leads,


Please take the time to update the project plan for your sub-project for the Neon release.  Starting with this release, we will switch to using the plans in the Release record  instead of using the XML-based project plan.  Details on the two approaches can be found here


Here is a rough outline of the steps to take to enter the plan.


1)      Start,

2)      Login

3)      Navigate to your sub-project (example:

4)      Click on  the Governance tab

5)      Click on the ‘Create a new release...” link and follow the prompts.

6)      Click on the created release

7)      Click on the Edit tab

8)      Enter details of the new release in the Basics and Project Plan sections.



Raghu Srinivasan



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