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[wtp-dev] Question on new contribution

Hi All:

So, there's a new feature currently being developed in a CDT repo, but with ambitions to be used throughout eclipse, and moved to somewhere more conveinent. The feature is named "launchbar", and you can read about it here:

As you can see from the UI, it's intention is to streamline launching things.  Looking at it, it *does* seem like it'd be quite a nice fit for webtools.servertools, to "debug" "MyServlet" on "Some Tomcat Server".

I've developed a proof-of-concept which seems to work quite nicely so far, but to see it in action you'd need to have org.eclipse.remote (which is in the ptp repo for now) and a few low-level CDT plugins that it depends on.

I currently have my PoC over at:

Is there a place in webtools for such a contribution? I'd be willing to work with org.eclipse.remote (in the ptp repo) and org.eclipse.launchbar (in the cdt repo) to clean up their dependencies and make this easier to consume, but obviously only if webtools had an interest in such a contribution.

In its shortest form, it's basically a faster and more prominent way to execute the Run On Server action. Many users in the past have complained it was a bit hard to find that action, and launchbar is a very obvious way to make it more likely to grab their attention.

Unfortunately upstream APIs aren't quite what we'd consider "stable", and are still undergoing frequent changes. The o.e.remote addition is expected to be the next generation of RSE, and both that and launchbar are expecting Mars to be their 1.0 release.

I'd love to hear if there's interest in such a thing, and what requirements you'd all have as conditions (ie dep tree, etc).

- Rob Stryker

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