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[wtp-dev] Definition of child modules (specially binary) and members during deployment

While working on bug 439685 [1],  Rob Stryker made an interesting comment [2] regarding what should be a child module or a member during deployment,

The problem reported in the bug is this: If you have a web project with a reference to a web fragment jar, the web fragment jar is considered a child binary module of the web project (in code, is a children in org.eclipse.wst.common.componentcore.internal.flat.FlatVirtualComponent), and when the web project is deployed to  J2EE Preview server, the web fragment is not deployed: the J2EE Preview server only deploys jars which are members of a module ( in code, members in  org.eclipse.wst.common.componentcore.internal.flat.FlatVirtualComponent)

My original suggestion in the bug (see patch attached in the bug) was to treat binary web fragment modules referenced by web projects the same way we treat regular utility jars: put them in the list of members instead of children But then Rob made the comments, and I also realized this change could affect other server adapters, and perhaps was not the best solution.

So, the questions I'd like to post here, specially for the server tools experts, are:

1. When a module references an archive, what should be considered a children binary module, and what should be considered a plain member?  Here are some example of what is considered a child module and member

Parent Module type                Reference                        Member or Child module
EAR                        WAR, EJB jar with DD, rar                Child module
EAR                        utility jar        , EJB jar without DD                Member
WAR                        Web fragment, EJB jar with DD                Child module
WAR                        utility jar        , EJB jar without DD                Member

2. For bug 439685  [1], should the reference to the web fragment jar be considered a member? Or should remain as child module, and the server adapters have the responsibility of handling them properly?

3. Should we document this somewhere?

Your comments are welcome, specially if you put them on the bug 439685  [1]




Roberto Sanchez Herrera

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