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[wtp-dev] Is PMC approval required for non-UI bugs to merge after M6 is released?


I have a number of bug fixes to merge into JSDT master for Mars stream, but I'm a bit "lost in translations"...

Once upon a time I read a doc (probably on wiki) that regulate the possibility of pushing the code into master depending on the stage of a project (When a PMC Approval is required for UI/Non-UI issues and so on). It looks like I've lost the URL to that document and cannot find it for some reason. Could anybody please send a link to such a document if it really exists?

Am I correct in that I don't need a PMC Approval for non-UI fixes and I can deliver these fixes even after M6 is declared (but before the declaration of M7?)?

The fixes I'd like to include into JSDT Mars stream are:

- - Update to Rhino 1.7R4 - - Incorrect parentheses clean up in JS files - probably few fixes provided by Gerrit contributions (I'm reviewing some fixes for Sonar FindBug issues at the moment)

All these fixes make no harm for UI, so they don't require to change translations, docs and so on.

And a minor question on Bug# 453700: This bug is included into the "Great Fixes for Mars" competition, but suddenly I've fixed it by myself... So, what should I do with it: wait for a possible fix from competitors until the competition is finished (May 6, 2015) or push my fix and cancel the issue from a competition (probably to replace it with another issue)?

Thanks in advance,
Victor Rubezhny,

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