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[wtp-dev] The Bower IDE contribution

Hi All,

As you might know, we (JSDT) are trying to contribute the Bower IDE into JSDT.

The initial code contribution has passed the IP Check ( and proposed by Gerrit (

As we have some issues that prevent us from merging the contribution into the JSDT, I've created a separate branch named 'bower' in JSDT repository due to provide fixes in more clearer any easier way:

The main issue for the Bower IDE contribution: Bower IDE contribution

The list issues found at the moment is the following:

- - [bower] Installing the dependencies takes too long - - [bower] Install/Update command block the UI, no way to cancel the operation - - [bower] Update command doesn't follow the real bower's one - - [bower] Install/Update commands don't follow the NPM Node SemVer rules - - [bower] The Bower Preference page is to be replaced by the support of .bowerrc file - - [bower] Need to add an editor for bower.json file - - [bower] Do we need to exclude dependencies installed by bower from the JSDT Include Path? - - [bower] JsonSyntaxException exception occurs in Bower IDE while installing angular dependency

The full list of Bower IDE issues can be seen at:

The issues that prevents us from merging the contribution into JSDT at the moment are marked as blocking for Bug 459732 (Bower IDE contribution).

Victor Rubezhny

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