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Re: [wtp-dev] Plans for Gerrit?

Thanks Mickael,

I agree Gerrit has demonstrated itself well in JSDT, and other subprojects would benefit from easily allowing outside contributions.  I do believe
there was some hesitation from project leads introducing another layer of complexity for committing code, but as you mentioned existing committers can choose to
push directly.

I'll make sure this topic comes up in our post Luna retrospective discussion - including more general ways to welcome outside contributions


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Hi all,

There is an ongoing discussion on Twitter about contributions to WebTools, and it seems indeed that webtools is not a very welcoming project for contributors. Not that contributions are not welcome, but more that contributors will probably find difficult to contribute and some are disappointed to see their contributions forgotten (example ).
So what are the plans to move WebTools projects to Gerrit? All projects that moved to Gerrit have seen a boost in their amount and diversity of contributors. I guess we all obviously want that for WebTools.

Moving to Gerrit is pretty simple: it's just a matter of asking webmaster and using a new push URL. It's not intrusive as committers can be allowed to still push directly to master without a review.
The more difficult part is to update the documentation, but that's far from being a showstopper.

So what are the plan? What are we waiting for?

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