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Re: [wtp-dev] Jason Peterson, Jorge Padilla, and Jon Houghton going JSDT team

That is definitely great news!


As the JSDT team is going through the process of mentoring these IBM contributors to full committer status, I would highly recommend doing the same for the community contributors who have authored those many patches. This is an opportunity to raise the diversity of this project, which will also help in making it more sustainable. Red Hat, Exadel, and others also have a vested interest in the success of JSDT.


Mike Milinkovich




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Subject: [wtp-dev] Jason Peterson, Jorge Padilla, and Jon Houghton going JSDT team


I wanted to announce to the community that Jason Peterson, Jorge Padilla, and Jon Houghton, from IBM, will be joining the JSDT team as full time contributors. All three are familiar with the code base, so I anticipate minimal ramp up to get them going. Welcome to the project, guys.

Their first priority will be to assist me in the acknowledged overdue effort to get all the community submitted patches reviewed, tested, and committed.

Chris Jaun

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