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[wtp-dev] Source Editing: link between xml and xsd data


I am new in Egit and WTP, i am specially interested in Source Editing.
I would like to make an XML editor for this i would like to understand how it's works in the WTP Source Editing : org.eclipse.wst.xml.ui plug-in.
For some practice, i followed the tutorial writed by Nitin Dahyabhai :
and it works fine. I managed to modify Eclipse!

But i have some questions:
When i tested the modification and opened an xml file, i noticed in the Design view that there are two column (Node and Content). And I want to know how the xml file is linked to xsd data (in Content column). I want to find the class which permit the binding between the xml file and his schema and the extension which permit to display that.

Thank you for your help


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