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[wtp-dev] Getting JSDT issues fixed ?


I tried sending this earlier but had issues with my mail adress setup for mailing lists.

Over the last two release trains, and especially the last one my team from Red Hat/JBoss have opened, commented and attached patches
to bugs to get fixed in JSDT (java script) - at least enough to make it tolerable to use with todays javascript libraries.

A lot these are not fixed yet, even though there were many promises on getting them integrated over the last many quarters.

A few of these are mainly just about getting JSDT to not report false positivs
in its error reports and not fail on common available javascript libraries
(jquery, jquery mobile minified is especially hurt - and those are probably
some of the most used libaries).

Is there any chance of getting at least some of these issues fixed so JSDT not for the third year will scare away
mobile/javascript developers ?

Here are the current list of issues we got collected: - NPE in CompilationUnitBinding#sourceMethod() (triggered by birt and other js libraries) - [exceptions] Errors running builder 'JavaScript Validator' on project with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (Also fixes #344745) - [search] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in DiskIndex during problem detection - [exceptions][parser] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Parser#consumeEmptyStatement on a javascript file when building project - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in UnconditionalFlowInfo#markAsDefinitelyNonNull() with FieldReference - [validation] Eclipse complains about jquery minified JS files

Links to past discussions concerning JSDT patches/issues the last two release trains: - last big ping - Former JSDT lead stating he would look at _ALL_ of these bugs to be included in M6 or sooner - Paul Verest questioning JSDT future - improvements to JSDT via NJSDoc - thread about patches to JSDT is accepted but have to fit within project scope

What can we do to get these fixed ? note, these are not API changes afaics - just pure bugfixes and stop-gap fixes to make JSDT feasible to use and not
get in the way of majority of javascript users.

Thank you,

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