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[wtp-dev] JavaScript Editor with NJSDoc


I am pleased to announce availability of my variation of the Eclipse _javascript_ Development Tools (JSDT) that uses NJSDoc [1] as an additional data source.  Using this at work we are able to provide high quality content assist for our sparsely documented and very large code bases.

It's powerful! Without inheritance related JSDoc tags it infers inheritance structures. It tracks multiple definition locations for slots.  It provides advanced type inference for 'this' as well as standard JSDT inference.

It's fast! For a code base of 70,000 lines of _javascript_: Initial reconcile is 800ms. Incremental reconcile after an edit is 70ms. The retained size of the data structure is 6Mb.

This is enabled by NJSDoc - a documentation tool and algorithm that executes _javascript_ code in a modified Rhino runtime. The Rhino runtime stores assignment locations and along with the resulting object structure a precise model is created associating objects with locations and comments in the source.

To learn how to configure see this page:
You can install using this Eclipse update site:

Here are some screen shots:


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