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[wtp-dev] Creating a new structured editor

(I already posted in the Web Tools Project forum, but I am not sure it
is the right place).

I'd like to write an editor for Play2 template files. They have a
simple structure, similar to JSP: it's HTML with escapes into Scala
code (between `@{ .. }`).

It looks like WTP structured editors are the right way to go about it
(I'd like to reuse the HTML functionality such as validation and
content assist), but I can't seem to find the Developer's Guide for

I found this document, but it's almost 8 years old:

Is there anything else I could use to get started, besides the source code?
Where can I download the source bundles (I'm using Indigo, but I can
upgrade to Juno if necessary)? By default, I don't get source
attachements for the wtp. plug-ins.


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