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Re: [wtp-dev] project-specific XSD resolution question

Hey Jesper!

The XSL tooling plugin uses a resolverExtension to accomplish something similar. You may be able to find pointers there.
IIRC, it is the core plugin. Mind you, they will be cases where you can't find a project, in case a resource is loaded directly from the file system, e.g. with File > Open

Firstofall, thanks for your answer and the pointer!!!
I looked into this in more detail. The problem for me seems to be:

In case an XML file is being parsed, I get the XML file from my workspace as IFile parameter into this method call:

URIResolverExtension.resolve(IFile file, String baseLocation, String publicId, String systemId);

That is great and I can identify the project this file comes from.
But if the XSD refers another XSD, the lookup of the corresponding project seems to fail in ExtensibleURIResolver:

public String resolve(String baseLocation, String publicId, String systemId)
		String result = systemId;

		// compute the project that holds the resource
    IFile file = computeFile(baseLocation);

because the baseLocation is now pointing to the location of the XSD - and that is inside my local Maven repo, for example (so not in my workspace). Therefore this lookup (computeFile) fails and I get no information for which project this lookup should happen.

Any idea how this could be solved?

Thanks for your help!


On 21/11/2012, at 17.04, Martin Lippert <lippert@xxxxxxx> wrote:


A while ago I asked this question, which is still open on my end and I am still hoping to find some help here. Any idea? That would be really really great!


On 15.06.12 15:51, Martin Lippert wrote:

We have implemented project-specifc XSD resolution for the Spring IDE,
but are still suffering from a few cases where we don't get any
information about the project for which the XSD should be resolved. And
I would love to hear from you whether this is possible at all, and what
I maybe need to take a look at in this case.

We have implemented the extension point:

with stage=postnormalization

But that doesn't seem to always give us the necessary information to
which project this resolving belongs to. And I am not sure whether the
webtools allows us to fully implement this.

Any pointers and help highly appreciated!
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