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Re: [wtp-dev] Welcome to the "wtp-dev" mailing list

> Sandro (?),
> What do you mean by "Object Notated"?  JSDT has settled on JSDoc
> (currently at v2, although incomplete in some areas) as the built-in
> supported documentation format.
> ---
> Nitin Dahyabhai
> Eclipse WTP Source Editing and JSDT
> IBM Rationa

I mean, when you declare an object written in Object Literal notation
with values and methods, both the object and it's values/methods are
completely ignored by the Outliner, and thus also ignored by Code
Completion and Code Highlighting.
For projects that rely almost solely on Object Literal, such as ExtJS
applications, this is a problem.

Both the SPKET and Aptana Javascript Editor plugins outline Object
Literal declarations fine, but they have other drawbacks.

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