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[wtp-dev] Committers can still get Graphiti, even on release day!


First, congratulations on WTP 3.4.0!  We went live with the rest of Juno at 9 am EDT today!  However, when I tried to piece together the final release, I ran into an issue that I just found a workaround for, and so I wanted to share it with other committers:
Graphiti is not mirrored.  If a normal person tries to download the Graphiti zip file today, they will have to wait hours to get it to download, most likely resulting in a timeout. was recently issued to allow committers to get around this issue.  The following has been added to the download page of files that are *NOT* mirrored (like Graphiti):

There are no mirrors for this file. Eclipse Committers can log in for faster download.

So, I tried it.  I logged in, and the file was downloaded quickly!  (Before I logged in, it said it would take more than 3 hours, with a transfer rate around 200 bytes per second.)
Simply put, I encourage all of you to download the Juno release- be it the Java EE EPP or Eclipse 3.8 + the various pieces, and make sure that everything is working as expected.  And once again, thanks for all of your time and effort in making WTP 3.4.0 a successful release!


- Carl Anderson
WTP Build guy

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