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Re: [wtp-dev] new branch for unit tests for XPath2 JDK 1.4 code base

Hi Mukul

I think it is worth investigating moving the HEAD unit test suite to 1.4 as well -- surely, Xerces can't stay with the 3.2.x branch forever, it has severe performance issues (waste of memory), since the processor is at least compilable under JRE 1.4 in HEAD (using the jsr14 compilation tricks) 

On 27/11/2011, at 07.00, Mukul Gandhi wrote:

> Hi all,
>     fyi
> As discussed earlier, I've created a new branch on WTP source editing CVS
> server for unit tests of the PsychoPath XPath2 JDK 1.4 code base.
> The name of this new branch is, R3_2_xpath2_14unittests and I've committed
> an initial version of contents on this branch (test source code and related
> files). This branch isn't required to be built and is only a passive
> repository of it's contents. We only need it to check occasional off-line
> compliance of the PsychoPath XPath2 JDK 1.4 code base (on the branch
> R3_2_maintenance).
> Regards,
> Mukul
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