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[wtp-dev] How to say more about our "Target Environments" in our WTP Plan?

I have attempted to "beef up" the Target Environments section in our WTP Plan to say a little more about platforms supported, and especially the minimum level of Java we assume.

Please check it out, and see if this wording matches everyone's expectations.

I mostly just want to be explicit and document our project's point of view ... not trying to constrain anyone or cause more work ... that is, I (and WTP PMC) are open to suggestions or improvements. [To give some context, in my role on Planning Council, I hope to encourage other projects to think through and document these types of things better than they have in the past, and I wanted to use WTP as one example and when I looked, I realized we did not actually say very much in our plan.]

If we can discuss at Thursday's status meeting, that'd be great. Suggestions welcome.

Much thanks,

[Here it a paste of the plan's text, for your convenience.]
= = = = = = = = = = = =

Target Environments

WTP will support the same platforms as the Eclipse Platform project. For a list of platforms supported in Juno, see Eclipse Target Operating Environments. That is, WTP is pure Java code, no native code, so should "run anywhere". WTP committers test primarily on Windows, some on Linux, and a little on Macs. Bugs reproducible only on other platforms will still be considered valid, but generally will require close adopter involvement to propose patches and test fixes.

WTP committers use and test on Java 6 and Java 7, but in theory should run on Java 5, as that is the highest version of Java assumed in the bundle's files (in the OSGi BREE heading), and, with few exceptions, our pre-reqs. Where there are exceptions, and Java 6 is required, such as for some JDT functions, everything else should continue to work fine just with reduced functionality. (Note, for committer convenience, some of the unit test bundles do assume Java 6.) Many of the WTP bundles assume only Java 4. The exact requirements can be determined by looking at the distributed bundles' BREE levels, but it is pretty much up to adopters to test or support Java 4 or Java 5 installations, if desired. If there are bugs only reproducible on Java 4 or Java 5, we will consider them valid, but generally give them a lower priority than other bugs.

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