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[wtp-dev] Announcing Chuck Bridgham as the new PMC Lead for Web Tools Platform

It is my pleasure to announce Chuck Bridgham as the new PMC Lead for the Eclipse Web Tools Platform.

I know many WTP Committers are already aware of this change, but I wanted to send this note to ensure good communication to everyone in the community.

The PMC has discussed and agreed to this change for a few months now (see PMC Meeting minutes 8/16) but, since the PMC Lead role requires approval of the Eclipse Board of Directors, it just became official at their last meeting, on 9/21.

Chuck will make a great PMC Lead. He has been lead of the Java EE sub-project and involved with WTP since its beginning in 2004. He is committed to the success of WTP, both for adopters and users and will continue to lead WTP to be one of the outstanding projects at Eclipse.

As for myself, I am not exactly leaving ... I will remain a member of the PMC ... but I do think it is time to "spread out" WTP responsibilities and leadership. I will remain WTP's representative to Planning Council, and continue to chair that council, and coordinate the Juno Simultaneous Release.

While an Eclipse project's health and success ultimately depends on all its committers, the PMC Lead is instrumental in setting direction and tone for the project, so please welcome Chuck as he helps leads us in into future releases.


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