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[wtp-dev] Proposing to remove "" access control and use "webtools" instead


We currently have "custom" access control to our website files which are stored in cvs, under  www/webtools, as well as a custom, separate, "hand administered" write access to our downloads area.

(And, its not entirely our fault ... we just got an early start, before there were standards :)

While examining our projects Chuck, Wayne and I noticed we could clean things up (a little) by using our top level container project, 'webtools' to govern both website and downloads, simplifying administration and records for all involved; making 'webtools' a little more like other "standard project setups" that have been created in recent years. I've discussed with PMC and they thought fine to propose.

I've documented this cleanup proposal in

Please note there are two implications that do effect policy and committership to "website". I do not think anyone will care ... but, that's why I'm writing this note to wtp-dev. If anyone does care, feel free to speak up!

A. It used to be our policy that any committer to WTP could automatically get commit rights to the website files. That will no longer be true. After the initial cleanup, committers to website files will be governed by normal committer vote process of 'webtools' container project.

B. There will be some current committers to website that no longer will be. I'm proposing the initial committers be PMC Members and Project Leads. That is a smaller number than what is currently on paper, but I think only 3 or 4 people have actually done anything on 'website' in the past year or so, so do not believe there is any practical consequence. Let us know if I've forgotten some work or contributor. Since this new group will also control "downloads" I would not want to open it wide open to just anyone, but any current member of 'website' with a sincere need or desire to contribute to website would be very welcome to be in the new access group.

I've proposed we make this change on 9/14 (or later) to allow time for people to point out flaws in reasoning or errors in my memory.


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