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[wtp-dev] Change to make Carl Anderson Project Lead for webtools.datatools

This change is largely a technicality, but, posting here in the spirit of being open and transparent.

Those of you that have been involved with WTP for a long time, will recall long ago, for the first year or so, we had a "datatools" project in WTP, before the committers and code there split off and joined the Data Tools Platform (DTP) project. The last release of webtools.datatools was long ago, as part of WTP 1.5.5.

But, occasionally there are still requests for patches for that old release, so we would prefer not to archive the project, yet. If not obvious, any new work is or would be done in the DTP project.  

Carl and I are the only committers, the original ones having all left or resigned long ago. Until last week, I was the only committer for the past year or so, hence the default Project Lead.

This note is to document that we would like to change Carl to be the official Project Lead. The reason is that, in the future, Carl will be in a better position to know the state of the project ... such as when/if it would be time to "archive" it, etc.

Carl, as the only other committer, why don't you reply with a +1 indicating your willingness to assume this position, (the PMC has already agreed) and I'll send note to EMO.

Again, this note it primarily just to be open about it, there should not be any practical effects ... that is, not planning to do anything new ... just putting on paper what reflects reality.


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