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[wtp-dev] Eclipse WTP/Indigo/Axis2


this is newbie's question.... I've been trying to work with WS using 
Eclipse. I seem to be ok when using axis1, i.e. I see a service, I see a 
client, etc. Always top-down, i.e. from WSDL to Java.

When switching to Axis2, things fail to work as described in the help 

I'm running Eclipse WTP/Indigo, build 20110615-0604. I use Axis2 
axis2-1.5.4-war and Tomcat v 7.0.

I notice that under Project Facets it says Axis2 v 1.1 and I also had to 
switch Dynamic Web Modules from v 3.0 to v 2.5. Might this be the source 
of my problems?

Do I need to deploy the axis2 stuff on tomcat explicitly? 

When building the WS (with axis2 dutifully selected); I get no error. But 
there is no web-service explorer coming up. And, unlike for the case of 
axis1 built WS, I don't seem to
find the magic wand to hook-up my new web-service with the web-service 
explorer. which file would I select before I say "Web Services -> Test 
with Web Services Explorer"?

I get following error message:

IWAB0379E Unable to open 
IWAB0135E An unexpected error has occurred.
WSDLException: faultCode=OTHER_ERROR: 


Unlike for the case of axis1, building a client seems to produce nothing 
much. in the case of axis1, I get JSPs which invoke the client stubs - I 
did trace this via the debugger....

Other changes in the settings I did were under the Web Services - > 
Servers and Runtime where I selected Tomcat 7.0 and axis2

So I'm at a loss here. What is the trick to get Eclipse WTP to work with 

Thanks for any advice,

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