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[wtp-dev] Heads up that this week we are moving to providing two big archived repositories (instead of six smaller ones)

Its been mentioned on this list before, but now it is being implemented this week.

Instead of the 6 archived p2 repositories that we have been making available with each build, I plan to package things up into only two.

One would be all the WTP code (executable, and SDK features) and adopters or committers can pick and choose what they want, if they want only a subset.

The other will be all the WTP code (as above) but also include all the WTP Unit tests ... I'm thinking this would be a good one for committers to download and use as a PDE target (subject to performance issues we've discussed before ... not sure if those have improved or not). But, I'm thinking, for those who want both code and tests, just as well package them together ... instead of requiring two downloads ... and, I'm thinking, it would be very rare that someone would want only the tests, Not to mention ... some of the scripts and build-time processing is much simpler this way. Hopefully the "duplicate" storage on build and download storage won't be prohibitive (about an extra 100 M?) but may reconsider in future if it seems to be. Maybe we'll settle on only one archived repo with everything.

If anyone has any special concerns or needs a transition period to change their build scripts or anything, just let me know ... but otherwise the change will become apparent tomorrow (Tuesday).
I plan to change both the Indigo builds, and the maintenance builds. But again, if this timing causes problems for anyone, just let us know.

Hopefully overall this will make things simpler and more obvious once the transition takes place.


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