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[wtp-dev] Branching of common, jeetools, and some ejbtools plugins to R3_2_maintenance


      I just ensured that all of the plugins in common and jeetools are now
branched to R3_2_maintenance for WTP 3.2.x development.  I also branched
the plugins in (due to their interrelationship with the
jeetools plugins).  This now allows active development of WTP 3.3 in HEAD
for common, jeetools, and most of ejbtools.  It also means that any changes
made for WTP 3.2.x also need to be committed to HEAD for WTP 3.3.
      I also went through and corrected the map files in R3_2_maintenance
so that the information in those map files is now correct as to which
plugins are being developed in which branches.  Please update that
information whenever a plugin or feature is branched- that information is
what should be used by committers to ensure that they are releasing from
the correct branch to the targeted release.
      Please contact me if you have any questions/comments/concerns about
what I branched.


- Carl Anderson
WTP programmer

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