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[wtp-dev] Problems getting classpath containers into exported/published WAR files

I've been having a lot of problems using the new Deployment Assembly
property page in Helios.

I have a few classpath containers used in my dynamic web project, but no
matter what I do, I can't get them to be included in the
exported/published WAR file for my project.  I've gone through the
Referenced Projects Classpath Entries wizard and made sure all of my
classpath containers were selected, refreshed projects, opened/closed,
restarted Eclipse, but no matter what I do, exporting a WAR or
publishing no longer includes the libraries provided by those classpath
containers.  I've tried this with a few classpath containers including
third-party classpath containers and also user library classpath

This was very easy with the old Java EE Module Dependencies property

I've found a few references online about problems with the new
Deployment Assembly properties page, but it seems like for such a simple
use case, this should be possible somehow.

Is there something else needed to get jars provided by classpath
containers to show up when exporting WARs?

  Jason Fulghum

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