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[wtp-dev] Good news for running WTP on Eclipse 4.0

Many thanks to the committers for fixing the few compile errors when building against 4.0 this week. Such as, see

And while we haven't done unit tests or full smoke tests yet, we do have some success to report, and
follow up from our status meeting today.

As mentioned in meeting, Carl was able to get through the JEE smoke test scenarios, except for some
the editors not opening automatically when they should (such as when creating a dynamic web project).
We think this is the same bug reported and being tracked in bug 318034

Valentin got to the bottom of his start-up problem by finding this known issue with
proxy authentication and secure storage and the work around in bug 320932 worked for him.

Just wanted to let everyone know it's worth trying out,  with the limitations above. While I'm sure there will be other compatibility bugs found,
its good to know the basics are working. In theory, our 3.7 M1 build will be binary compatible with the Eclipse 4.0 Platform
(thanks to those quick compile-time fixes) but not sure anyone has tried that yet.

Much thanks to you early adopters that got this going!

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