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[wtp-dev] documentation error

I believe I may have found two documentation errors.  I could be wrong.


My Eclipse (Helios) WTP 3.2.0


Error 1:

On the web page:

In the section labeled “Releases” the WTP 3.2.1 release on 2010-07-30 is still labeled “planned”.

Should this be updated to completed?


Error 2:

When I go to Windows>Preferences>Install/Update>Available Software Sites


I see that my version of Eclipse is using the following URL for updates of WTP:


When I go to the web page:


I see that it says to go to this site when updating:


This web page says to use the following URL to update the WTP project:


Which is the correct source for updates of WTP?









Lance Campbell

Software Architect/DBA/Project Manager

Web Services at Public Affairs



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