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[wtp-dev] Status and outlook for 3.2.1 release

I assume most readers of this list know we have a quick off-cycle maintenance released planned for Friday, 7/30 ... tomorrow!

Unfortunately, a last minute blocking regression was found that will cause us to respin our current candidate. See bug 321175.

This means the final build will not be ready until some time late on Friday, 7/30, then verified, and then we should allow some time for it to mirror. So,
I propose we'll "announce" very late  on Friday (e.g. near midnight), or Saturday, or even as late as Monday, depending on how fast mirrors get the content,
even though we will still make the build available on the download site, on 7/30, as planned, probably in afternoon.

I wanted to announce this here, since normally we would never have a respin this near a release date, since many adopters make
plans that depend on the final build produced last week. While we've talked to a number of adopters, we can't talk to all, so
I thought best to announce here on wtp-dev list, so that this departure from the norm would be communicated a little
more widely than bug reports and status meeting minutes.

Please do let us know if this impacts you in ways we have not anticipated.


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