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RE: [wtp-dev] Declaring Build for wtp-R3.2.1-M: M-3.2.1-20100725060634

> Do we expect that the 3.2.1 release appears on the WTP update site too?

Yes and no.

Yes, it will be added to the webtools specific repository, at
once we officially release, on Friday.
But, not the common repo at

But, no, an update for JEE Package is not expected to work. The reason doesn't have anything to do with the repo, per se. The JEE Package (feature) itself won't be updated until Helios SR1, and updates are driven by "root features" .... which is (only) the JEE Package feature, for that distribution.

But, for some products or installations update should work, depending on how it was created and installed. But, in all cases, a user should be able to select and install the service release features.

The current situation is further complicated due to bug 320973, there are no categories for our repositories.
I'm going to see if I can fix the repository categories today, using the CategoryPublisher.
We don't have much in the way of categories, but selecting everything in repo usually won't work, since there's tests features in there too
(and few people have those pre-reqs installed).  

While its not ready yet for testing (given above bug) normally you can test a repo before
the actual release, you can use any build's repository directly, by adding the build specific repository to your list of installed software sites, namely, for this case

Also, please note, the final build will be renamed to an "R-build", namely, for this case,
[and shh, it's actually already there, so it can mirror, but it is "invisible", unless you know the specific URL :) ]

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Hi David,

Do we expect that the 3.2.1 release appears on the WTP update site too?

Currently, if I install the Helios JEE package and call Help > Check for Updates, I get "No updates were found". How Helios users are supposed to update to WTP 3.2.1?


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