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RE: [wtp-dev] How to declare that a runtime does not support a facet version?

Hi Kaloyan,


The quick answer is that this is currently not possible. Please see


While this issue has been open for a while, it wasn’t until jpa 2.0 came on the scene that it came to the forefront of everyone’s attention. Unfortunately this wasn’t identified as a major adopter issue until it was too late for Helios. It sounds like this is something that we would need to handle for 3.2.1 or 3.2.2/sr1. An API addition would be necessary, which would require PMC approval, but I imagine that it would be forthcoming considering that this has been flagged as an adopter issue.


Please take a look at the bug that I referenced. The solution is well-defined and someone has indicated willingness to contribute a patch. I think this is a good scenario for someone to learn the framework’s internals and start contributing, so I’ve been taking a wait and see approach. Of course, it has been about a month since the last comment on the bug from the potential contributor.


- Konstantin




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I can declare in the facet framework that a runtime supports certain set of facet versions. But I cannot find a way to explicitly declare that the runtime does not support a certain facet version.


My specific problem is with the JPA 2.0 facet version. Our (SAP) runtime does not support JPA 2.0 yet, only JPA 1.0. I need to declare that the JPA 2.0 facet version is not a valid one for the SAP runtime. Somehow, the JPA facet is declared as generally supported and all its versions are assumed supported by all runtimes.


My goal is to have the following call returns “false”:





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