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Re: [wtp-dev] Skipping this weeks Status meeting ... and smoke test?

Well, Happy Birthday, Canada. :)

And thanks for the warning. I actually had this on my calendar but failed to think through the significance until now.

And, the significance (in this context) is that Thursday is also our planned day for our first declared 3.2.1 build, which, as always, includes a smoke test. So ...

If there are any "Canadian teams" that can not do (or, arrange to have done) the smoke test on Thursday, I suggest one of the following actions.

In any case, it involves updating the smoke test page (which I prepared early) at

a. Test a build on Wednesday, and then update the page with either a pass (promotable) or fail (serious problems, should not promote) and simple note which build you tested.
b. Make an entry in the table "no one available to do the test this week, but no or few changes in this component so low risk"
c. Make an entry in the table "no one available to do the test this week, even though there has been some changes, so some risk"

That way, at least the rest of us (and others) know the status and risk associated with declaring a build.

Our status meeting will likely be brief, but this 7/1 declared build is important since PMC review starts after it is declared.

Thanks again,

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Date: 06/29/2010 03:32 PM
Subject: [wtp-dev] Skipping this weeks Status meeting
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I have to send my apologies as I will not be attending this week WTP Status meeting. This Thursday is 'Canada's Birthday'[1] which is a statutory holidays for must (if not all) the developers located in Toronto and other Canadian locations.


Best Regards,
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