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RE: [wtp-dev] [JSDT] any way to copy one type to another?

I'd like to have both Type1 and Type2 display the same in Outline and visible in content assist. Real world example could be jQuery, e.g.:

 jQuery = function() {

jQuery.prototype.extend = function() {};
$ = jQuery;

So now jQuery has correct outline and content assist, whereas $ doesn't.

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Hi Jacek,

I don't think that works right now.

Can you explain what you mean by having JSDT understand them as the exact same thing just so I'm clear? What is the use case?


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[wtp-dev] [JSDT] any way to copy one type to another?

let's assume I have Type1 and Type2 which are the same:

* @constructor
Type1 = function() {

* @memberOf Type1
Type1.prototype.coolDynFunc = function() {

* @magic
Type2 = Type1;

is there a way to make JSDT understand this assignment and show Type1 and Type2 as two exactly the same types?


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