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[wtp-dev] Small change to subset wst zip name on downloads page, coming in RC4

This note only concerns the (traditional) zip file name for the "web development" subset
of features. In putting some final touches on the build (bug 315919), it was easier (and safer) to use some
common scripts, and accept the "default" name for the zip files ... rather than try and special case

New name patterns:


Previous name patterns:


This does not effect the main zip file names, such as
nor any of the compressed buildRepo files we provide.

I am thinking/hoping this "wst" change will effect no one,
but if I'm wrong about that, please let us know.
If you are effected, and can not adjust for some reason
(e.g. your releng is on vacation) then let me know and I can
just copy files to maintain old name patterns until after
helios release.


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