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RE: [wtp-dev] Fixing weird defaults for EJB 3 projects ?


I can quickly prepare a patch (change the severity from Error to Warning), but I am not sure if we will manage to put this extra patch for the final build (it is up to the PMC to decide). 

We didn't thought it is so critical since it was reported as a normal bug. WTP plans to deliver the first maintenance release 3.2.1 in July 30. Is this timeframe works for you? Or you really need the patch in the end of June release?

In any case, please mark this bug as a hotbug with detail description why it is critical for your use case:


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Is there any chance of fixing before final ?

This is basically making it impossible to create pure CDI (JSR-299) or any other kind projects that doesn't explicitly declare ejb3 beans (such as Seam or Spring apps)


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