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[wtp-dev] Need to restrict jsdt plugins contributions

Hi list!

I've been developing a feature for the application I'm working at, that has as dependencies jsdt plugins (jsdt.core, jsdt.ui, jsdt.manipulation). When integrating it with the RCP application, we have noticed contributions we don't need nor want, I asume due to andĀ org.eclipse.debug.core dependencies in jsdt, as window menuand popup entries. Probably we will realize of more of them, but these have been the first which we've noticed.

My question is, how can we avoid these contributions (or any other we find that we dont need or want) from being included in our RCP application?
I proposed the idea of importing the plugin from the target platform, modifying it as we need, and bundling it with the rest of our plugins, but the idea hasn't been well accepted.

I've been searching but don't seem to find anyone to have posted a similar problem.

Thanks in advance!

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