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[wtp-dev] Servlet 3.0 support in Helios

There is some confusion about the Servlet 3.0 support in the Helios release. This is because of bug, which for some reason we forgot and was seen in the project plan as deferred to Future during the whole Helios development.
In fact, in Helios we implemented Servlet 3.0 support as part of other
enhancements and bugs:
  - Web project can be created upon the Servlet 3.0 spec.
  - Web artifacts (servlets, filter, etc.) are generated with Servlet 3.0
  - Internals models in WTP are updated for the Servlet 3.0 spec.
  - Import/Exports mechanisms are updated for the Servlet 3.0 use case.
  - Web fragments are supported.
Here is list of bugs that covers the above: - Default model providers for Java EE 6 facets - Java EE 6 models - Update Java EE artifact wizards for Java EE 6 - Project Explorer metadata content for Java EE 6 projects - Define facet and facet version for web fragments - Ensure EE6 archives can be imported/exported and are supported in
binary mode - Java EE 6 Project creation for core module types - Define facet versions for the Java EE 6 projects
I hope this clarifies the situation.
Kaloyan Raev
Senior Developer
SAP Labs Bulgaria
136A Tzar Boris 3 blvd.
1618 Sofia, Bulgaria
T +359 2 9157-416
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