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Re: [wtp-dev] new downloads page

You can use the P2 repositories, by adding them as Sites in the Install New Software or Available Software Sites in the preferences.

You can select an Archived site, and point it to the Zip.   It will the act as a regular P2 update site, and you can install software from there.


On 03/18/2010 08:49 AM, Brian Vosburgh wrote:
I'll probably expose some ignorance here, but I'm having some
problems using the new P2 repositories. Big surprise. Here's what
I do:

I go to the recently generated M6 download page.
It tells me I should be using the P2 repositories instead of the zip
files I've used for several years now.
I'm not sure what that means. :-) I guess I'm supposed to unzip
them and see what happens?

I unzip all the prereq zip files into an eclipse folder. I unzip the 3
zipped P2 repositories into separate folders. (Do I need to unzip
them? Not sure.)

Anyway, I add a new Target Workspace in my host workspace,
pointing to the newly unzipped eclipse directory. Then I add 3
Software Sites, one for each of the new P2 directories from the
P2 zip files. When using the wizard to add a Software Site, I'm not
sure which content to add. The WST repository has two options -
I guess I only need the "SDK" option(?). I'm not sure what I'm
supposed to do with the "Project Provided Components" option in
the JST repository.

Once I add all this content, I have a number of problems listed in the
Edit Target Definition dialog:
Under the WST repository:
   Cannot satisfy dependency:
   Cannot satisfy dependency:
   Missing requirement: Eclipse _javascript_ Development Tools...
   Software being installed: Eclipse _javascript_ Development Tools...
Under the JST repository:
   Cannot satisfy dependency:
   Missing requirement: Apache MyFaces Trinidad Tag Support (Optional)...
   Software being installed: Apache MyFaces Trinidad Tag Support (Optional)...
Under the Dali repository:
   Cannot satisfy dependency:
   Missing requirement: Dali Java Persistence Tools...
   Software being installed: Dali Java Persistence Tools...

Compiling against this target workspace results in lots of unresolved bundles.

Does any of this make sense? Can anyone help me fix these problems?


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