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[wtp-dev] Friends of WTP meeting planned for EclipseCon

For those of you going to EclipseCon this month, I have reserved a time and
place we can meet to discuss WTP.

It will be Tuesday evening, 6 to 7 (local, Pacific time) in the "Central"
room (it is on the second floor of the Hyatt).

This is intended to be a very informal meeting for Committers and
Contributors, but any other interested Friend of WTP is welcome to stop by.
Its mostly just to make sure we have some concrete face-to-face time
planned. I would say just to socialize, but if I recall past years, some
pretty technical or process discussions would quickly develop,

It unfortunately overlaps with the Exhibitors reception, but I couldn't find
a time that didn't overlap with something. So, feel free to come late or
leave early. I'm sure there will be other opportunities to chat at
EclipseCon, but wanted to have at least this one hour reserved to help
us meet and maximize our interaction.

For those of you not going to EclipseCon .... what? Better signup soon! :)



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