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RE: [wtp-dev] Declaring Build for wtp-R3.1.2-M: R-3.1.2-20100211202452

Its probably supposed to be their 1.7.2 RC3 candidate. I "blindly" updated our page based on what was in their "released" download directory.

Same question was asked on "cross-project" and I suspect they'll answer and update soon .... I'll update ours so "nothing" shows up, until they get current.

If you mean the EPP question literally, here's what they list in their galileo .build file (and EPP would "trickle down" from here).

 "org.eclipse.datatools.sdk.feature" version="1.7.2.v200909251450-7O9I7bFD0IVIPElYvW1YBTgDFOgj"

"org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.sdk.feature" version="1.7.2.v200909251450-7I8r7XFE9JfFs0wYgDsB0wKAZttV"

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Date: 02/26/2010 12:10 PM
Subject: RE: [wtp-dev] Declaring Build for wtp-R3.1.2-M: R-3.1.2-20100211202452
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So does anyone know the story with DTP 1.7.2? I notice that our declared
build still references 1.7.1 and when I went to DTP download page, the 1.7.2
release is still listed as a release candidate. Does anyone know which
version of DTP is supposed to be in the SR2 EPP distros?

- Konstantin

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Subject: [wtp-dev] Declaring Build for wtp-R3.1.2-M: R-3.1.2-20100211202452

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