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[wtp-dev] Change to WTP Retention Policy: repos are forever

I have update our WTP retention policy, found at

The substantial change was that our update site repositories will now exist forever, to line up with current recommended practice.

This is partially a result of the Equinox Team twisting my arm ... er, I mean educating me ... that this really is required, to achieve the P2 potential (and in fact the common Simultaneous Release repositories will now be persistent), and it also partially a result of me learning how to do it so its not too much extra work and little risk of damaging things. (All through the magic of composite repositories).

There probably are a few extra (small) complications we'll have to deal with, over time. One is what to do about feature's update site URL's, should they all point to /webtools/updates as they do now? Or should we make them specific to a particular version (such as /webtools/updates/3.2). (I think the latter, see bug 291637). Another is the "categories" for the features (they currently have WTP versions in them, which seems more awkward as repositories grow larger). Another is performance. In theory, the more stuff you put in a repository, the slower it will be to install something, so we'll need to have the ability to narrow the repository URL, while allowing high level URLs too ... but I'm not sure what the balance is without more experience and testing.

Overall, though, it should make rolling out updates easier, from both an infrastructure point of view, and user experience.

Let me know if anyone has any questions, suggestions, complaints, objections, or caveats about the new policy.



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