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[wtp-dev] Renewed WTP Web Site and Logo

Dear All,

As a part of updating our website to adopt the Nova theme for the
helios release, we decided to do a cleanup too.   There are two
bugzilla entries:

There  is an attachment (excel file) with a table that lists the
site-map as a tree.  Please comment to  KEEP/DELETE/UPDATE each one of
these pages.

The bug lists the
new WTP logos, please propose new ones, or vote for your favorite.

Uğur Yıldırım from eteration will be leading this change and will
update the site and pages.

Naci Dai - naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
eteration a.s.  itu ari-1 25 maslak istanbul tr
ph: +90 212 328 0825 - fax: +90 212 328 0521

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