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[wtp-dev] Confirmation Vote for Carl Anderson as Common Project Lead

Konstantin Komissarchik has resigned his role as WTP Common Project
Lead, due to increasing time commitments in other areas of his work. We
thank him for his many, great, past contributions to WTP ... and his
future ones! He will remain as a committer, and we sincerely look
forward to continuing to work with him in WTP and Eclipse.

I, and the Web Tools PMC, would like to nominate Carl Anderson to
assume the role of Common Project Lead.

Carl is well known by everyone on the project, has a large piece of
code there, and has already been doing many of the responsibilities of
Project Lead: reporting status, organizing plans, keeping others aware
of deadlines, etc. Carl well represents the spirit of Eclipse; care of
APIs, exemplary implementation and tools, collaboration, care and
feeding of the ecosystem, and mentoring those new to WTP. So he will
make a great Project Lead.

The current state and status of the Eclipse Portal is that we get to
conduct this confirmation vote the old-fashioned way, here on the
mailing list. The following are the current Common committers that can
vote. Please join me with a '+1' for welcoming Carl as Common Project

   Carl Anderson
   Chuck Bridgham
   Nitin Dahyabhai
   Gary Karasiuk
   Konstantin Komissarchik
   Jason Sholl
   Rob Stryker
+1 David Williams
   Kathy Chan
   Peter Moogk
   Kate Price

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