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[wtp-dev] Model changes to comply with final Java EE 6 xsds


      I wanted to forewarn WTP developers and adopters of model changes
that I will be committing/releasing for WTP 3.2 M5.  Simply put, I created
EMF models for Java EE 6 in WTP 3.2 M3 - see .  But these models
were created before the Java EE 6 specs were finalized.  Now that the final
Java EE 6 xsds are available, I have created an update to the models to
bring them into compliance - see .  A short synopsis of
what will be deleted/removed (by package):


IsolationLevelType - TRANSACTIONNONE was deleted
PersistenceContextRef and PersistenceUnitRef - getLookupName() and
setLookupName() were deleted (these were added to MessageDestination).


AsynchMethodType - all of the MethodIntf methods were deleted
ConcurrencyManagementTypeType - NOT_ALLOWED was deleted


WebApp - getName() was deleted

If you have any comments/questions/concerns, please add them to .


- Carl Anderson
WTP programmer

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