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Re: [wtp-dev] Content Assist Javascript

It should, but it may depend on how you set up your project.

You may want to try right-clicking on the _javascript_ Resources node in the project and going to project properties. On the Source tab make sure the folder containing your JS files is listed as a source folder.

If that doesn't help please describe your specifc problem, including project setup(including a zip of the project is helpful), wtp version, etc in a bug report.

You can open it against the wst.jsdt component here:


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[wtp-dev] Content Assist _javascript_

Hello List

I'm having trouble understanding how the content assist works. I can use
content assist with the globally defined libraries, but not with my own.
Lets say I'm inside a project, and in the same folder I define a class
with some methods. Now I create another class and I can't use the
content assist to autocomplete me the name of the first class.

Shouldn't classes defined in the same project be able to find one
another without troubles?

Best regards, Moataz
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